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October 27, 2011


Lee Currie

Yay, happy to see you back :) And about your back, I suppose if you can't find yourself a lovely chiropractor you can find a neighbour with a wheelbarrow to do the heavy lifting from now on! Maybe a hot tea, comfy couch and a good book is the remedy? I know how wonderful it is to clean out a garage :) So sorry about the deal falling through! That stinks, it really does. Sending SELL vibes your way ~~~


Hi Kathy
Sorry your house sale fell through, I am sure that was stressful.
We had netflix, got rid of it, but then signed up again too. My kids like having it, so it's worth it. Besides, I give Rogers enough each month already, and their on demand price is crazy! LOL

Glad to see your in the calendar, I have to pick one up still.

Have a great weekend!

Sabrina L

I miss your posts! Love your scrapbook pages and love seeing work from a fellow Canadian! As for sore back remedies...I swear by Robax...I see a chiropractor but it's Robax that always works the quickest for me.


Kathy I wish I could write something either really inspiring or really amusing - um I think I just leave it at always glad to check in with your blog to see your updates. I like your scrapping style and your amazing photos. I will send good vibes your way.

Michelle Dobbyn

Glad to see you still blogging Kathy! I hear ya with the life suckiness getting in the way. Keep your chin up! :)


The good thing about a sale falling through is the next buyer may offer more, quicker. We had five sales fall through when we were selling my husband's parnets home in England, it got to the point that an offer was almost a joke, nice when it was finally over. Their system is bizaare! Hope you do some classes in 2012, you are awesome, don't ever forget it!!

Heather M.

I think about you often, KT and am always so happy when you update. :) Hugs!


I'm happy to see your whatever posts too! Massage therapy... It is working for my bum shoulder.


Sorry for the suckiness ~ but I'm glad to see you back again :)
I am sure your girls will look fab in their costumes :)

I also LOVE Sarah's house & Design Inc ... but I agree about the budget :S I also love Candice Olson ~ she's fantastic too! My friend actually got to have her basement done on her show ~ lucky duck :)

As for your back, rest, heat (ice the first few days if needed for swelling, on for 15 mins 3-4 times/day), a muscle relaxant (if it is a pulled muscle), or acetaminophen/ibuprofen (if you're able to take those) ... and ease back into activity, a flare can happen easily with some back injuries :S This also makes for a great excuse to pamper yourself with a massage!! A chiropractor could help also, not necessarily manual adjustments, but they can massage the area that is affected :)
I am sure that you have your own Pharmacist (I am a Pharmacist), and I do recommend that you talk to them first before taking any meds (or taking advice from people on the internet!!) to make sure that they are okay for you ... this is just my opinion if you don't have any allergies/medical conditions :) I am on mat leave now so I am trying to find people to help form home :) haha
Sorry this is so long & feel better soon :)


love the new magazine too
lots and lots of fun ideas..sorry life is tough right now,but i think of you often and here any time...are you working full time?take care of your back,rest rest rest(hard thing to do)and take care of yourself....

Susan Mac Donald

netflix is great, you just need to keep the patience, which I don't always have; Rogers...hhhmmm, Sarah's house, oh, yay, judging from this post I'm not the only one who likes it;2012 class....I'd love to be a student; keep your chin up & I'm glad you're back here spouting off some steam [hope it helps!!]

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