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October 12, 2011



Good morning! I love your layout classes, you have a classic style that works. A photography walk would be a great idea too, especially with this time of year, the colours are gorgeous.

Stephanie Schan

Good Morning Kathy. I'd love to see a class on removing eye glass glare with photoshop.

Roz K.

Wow, Crate was generous! I love the Random collection! As for class subject, anything photography related that gets me off manual mode on my camera is great!


hello & nice to hear from you; anything photography will do for me, although you could teach anything & I'd be a happy camper; nice paper & if I win, I'll pick it up, saving some postage!


Wow, what a terrific line!

Lucky girl to get to work with all that stuff. As for classes, I like the idea of photo editing or photography. We could all use those fantastic tips you have. Specific stuff like red eye, how to capture a good photo in bright light, or edit it once you have it would be great!

April W

What a gorgeous line! I'd love to see some simple scrapbooking...it's right up my alley! I love doing simple, but always seem to feel like I'm missing something...
- April W


I just love Crate Paper, there products just call my name, vintage and gorgeous colors!!!

I would love to have any class you want to share with us, I am so envious of your simple scrap style, how do you just stop and not keep adding more goodies? I so struggle with this. I also think you are one awesome photogragpher!! so any techniques you can share with us would be great.
Thanks Kathy

Rosie N.

Would love to learn more about photo editing specifically how adjustment layers work in PSE and how to use them ;)
Thanks for the chance to win.


Simple, post-processing workflow is something I'm interested in. My system seems to complicated.

Thanks for the chance to win - these are yummy papers!

Trish Dietrich

What beautiful goodies! It is so nice of you to share. :o) I would love more tips and techniques for photographing pets. My pictures never turn out well. The dog and cat just don't like to sit still and smile!

Andrea G

Hi Kathy, I love your photos and need to learn more about that.... but I would really love to learn more about your process for creating your simple scrapbook pages. They are simple yet so stunning! What is your process/thinking from the start to finish.

Thanks for the chance to win. What fun.

Laurie Turpin

Well dude I've taken your scrapbooking and photography classes and honestly I LOVE THEM BOTH! i love how "simple" yet "stunning" you make everything - both pics and scrapbook pages!

And since my travel is limited with my little Hunter now, I'd love to see you teach and online class - I'd take either scrapbooking or photography.

Happy belated Turkey Day!

Lorraine M.

Hello, you! I think a simple scrapbooking, back-to-basics class would be awesome. Your simple style is something that we don't see a lot of in designer's work. Of course, a walk about with you and your camera would be fabulous, too! BTW, we missed you in Saskatoon! You should have come! :)

Juanita Harkema

Hi Kathy! So good to see you posting - you always inspire me. All the class listed by others sound good, but here's what I really want: an online (please please pretty please!) class dealing with lighting in photography. So many photographers shy away from too much light - I love how you use it, almost how it blows out some of your pictures. And I have tried, but I always completely blow out my subject, nothing so artsy as yours. Also, how to have effective lighting in low-light situations. Your non-conventional light use really intrigues me!


Hi Kathy :)
As you know, I am a HUGE fan of both your scrap style & your photography ~ they amaze me ... so I would love to see you teach either! Sorry, I can't narrow it down much for you :) haha

And thank you so much for the chance to win some fun products ~ that is so generous of you!!


Great collection! I enjoy making mini albums & journals so ideas for different ones would be much appreciated.

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