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March 01, 2011



"Star Wars meets Easter"....you slay me. Never, ever stop blogging ; )


I am in agreement with all your picks, love the comparison of the Calvin Klein red gown to the swimsuit, lol! I watched the red carpet and only a little of the show itself, and what I did see, I didn't care for the hosts:(


Funny ... I totally agree with your faves ... my faves were Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock and the always beautiful, Halle Berry ... I also sort of liked Celine Dion's red carpet gown ~ the neckline & fabric was pretty on her ... but there was something i didn't like ~ maybe the sleeves?! Not sure ...
And I agree about the hosts, the forced giggling of Anne was awkward at times ..... but I have to say, it would be a tough job & I expected them to do about as well as they did, I don't mean that in a mean way, but I just though they would try too hard maybe on the focus of a 'young & hip' Oscars, as they said :S
But Mila, Gwyneth & Halle ~ stunning :)

Lee Currie

Very few misses this year - but Cait really blew it with that one, love your description! We're pretty much in sync - though, I think if the Calvin Klein dress had been another colour it may not have been so Baywatch and greeted with more acceptance - say a deep purple, or navy or even a turquoise. I liked Jennifer Hudson's choice - for her, as well as Nicole Kidman. Both dresses were really structured and appealed to me. Or maybe it was *sigh* body envy! The hosts? Not a surprise. James Franco has never been known as Mr. Personality, I was surprised at the choice. Talented maybe, but only with a script. I think she did her best overcompensating all night long. They need an "entertainer" a la Hugh Jackman or Neil Patrick Harris, someone quick witted and multi talented. This comment is turning into a post!

Have a great Monday, Kathy!


In my dreams, I have a body like Halle. I loved her dress!
And as far as cards, I'll take your flawless "simple" cards over the elaborate ones anyday ;)

Kim M

I am not into fashion as my daughter but she would totally agree with your pick for Reese. My daughter loved loved that dress and the hair, gotta love a pouf!

Lorraine M.

I thought Nicole Kidman's dress was horrible, too. Did you notice Scarlett Johansson's hair? It looked like she cut it with a butcher knife and styled it with an egg beater. Oscar night is about glamor and polish, and the dresses that we love are definitely that!

I did watch "Winter's Bone" on SuperChannel a month ago. Moving story and well done. For sure watch that one! I am looking forward to seeing The King's Speech and the Fighter.

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