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March 31, 2011



Have only seen one on your list and that was Due Date and totally agree with your review. Want to see Lincoln Lawyer, my parents saw it and really liked it. Will probably wait for Limitless to rent. Haven't read anything about Water for the Elephants will have to check out the book.


Hey Kathy

My sister and brother-in-law went to see Lincoln Lawyer and say it was awesome!

Just fyi ;o)


Lincoln lawyer was fabulous!! I saw the other ones you saw too, and same reviews for me. I also can't wait to see insidious, I think this weekend. And of course we are taking the kids to see Hop - the Easter bunny movie.

Love Survivor, I was bummed when Russell went home too. I would love to see Rob finally take it lol


First, your daughter organized a movie night with her friends & moms!?! That is the cutest thing ... you're a lucky mom :)
And I totally agree with due date, me & my husband couldn't wait to see it, for the same reason, 2 of our faves, but I think we felt like shutting it off ... but we made it through :) What a shame though, eh :S
Thanks for the reviews .... I have been off sick from work for ~ 6 weeks now (& I usually don't even miss a day!), I had hyperemesis gravidarum & was dehydrated & still am (I am in my 2nd trimester now) ... but the point is (haha), some night I would like to relax at the movies instead of in bed ... limitless is on my list!!
I visited SCT but your post wasn't up yet ... I'll try again in a bit .. .can't wait to read it :)
Oh and jackass ... we just watched it, I have a weird sense of humor too, but there are a few pranks that i don't like ~ but some, I want to try :) haha
.... I should just start a blog eh :) haha


Oh (I knew I wasn't done yet!) ... I am looking forward to the Russell Brand movie, not that it looks like a classic, but he is out of control & I have a weird sense of humor, that looks right up my alley :)

Susan Mac

totally agree with you on your reviews; did you see Berlesque? I know it's 'old' but the ratings weren't great & I thought it rocked! Waiting for the L.L to come out on rental; don't do the theaters too well.. obnoxious people & !!cell phones, yes, people do chat!!oh, well, have a great week, catch ya next week!

Lorraine M.

Well, I know I'm not going to Insidious with you... way too many nightmares! I do want to see Water for Elephants. Reese can probably pull it off, if Rob's good looks aren't enough. I loved her in everything I've seen her in.

Survivor - Hate Russell. Adios, you sorry little man. Love Rob. Always have. He's not perfect, but neither am I. ;) I'm addicted, and would hate to miss an episode. Am I enjoying it? I guess so.

Whew! This is the longest comment ever!!!

Have a great day, KT!


i am currently reading "water for elephants" really enjoying it! i will so go see "Insidious" looks good we should try to get JP/JS to go!! Enjoy the movies!

Michelle Dobbyn

I saw Limitless for my birthday last weekend and LOVED it!! I want to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but I need to see the first one haha! Insidious looked scary as crap! and I was scared silly and slept with the lights on after paranormal activity lol! If I lived closer I'd go see it with you :)

Mary Jo

Bummer on Anne Hathaway and the movie due date! I really like her but lately I'm not so sure.
Really love Zach G. So bummed to hear the movie's not so great!

Christine Campbell

Can't wait to see Water for Elephants!!! going to get the book at Costco today!!


I thought Lincoln Lawyer was pretty good. Some interesting twists...and of course...Matthew ...need I say more? I work in law firm so it has some even funnier moments :)
Have a good day.

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