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February 10, 2011



I've been a reader and a subscriber in google reader for a while now and love seeing what you add to your blog. I think I've commented before, but it's always good to do so again... HI! :)


Morning Kathy, always enjoy reading your blog, whether it's about scrapping, photography or random stuff, you're a hoot. I had to google "google reader" to figure out what that was, rather cool actually, and I signed up. Either prize would be a bonus, cheers!


Hi Kathy,
I like keeping up with you and the family! I miss you at the barn even after all this time. Hard to believe the girls have grown up so much. And you write very well which makes it enjoyable.


Hi Kathy :)
I stop by by your blog pretty much daily, unless I am not on the computer. I love your blog .... your photography & scrapbooking & 'ramblings' are great ~ and thank you for sharing that with us :)
I normally am all about scrapbooking, but the photography giveaway is making me happy :)
Thanks for the great chance & Happy Thursday :)

Stephanie Schan

I've been a follower for a long time Kathy on my Google reader. Every time you post, I read! I even have you linked on my blog!

Chelsea Miller

Well, I have been a fan of your photography/scrapbooking (because the 2 go hand in hand!!) way back when I first joined ssz when it first started up with a forum. Your photos always amaze me, as does the love and relationship you have with your family. It's nice to be able to keep up with what you've been doing!! Happy Thursday!

Chelsea Miller

Oh and I just subscribed :)


I have always loved your scrapbooking, photography and random lists posts. Your love of your family is heartwarming to read about. We're in renovation mode here as well with our bedroom next on our hit list. I'm curious to see your colour scheme. I'm sure you'll get it done soon. No one is as slow as we are at that sort of thing! lol Be well.

Lee Currie

Good morning! All of that American Crafts goodness - swoon! I'm a long-time Google Reader follower. Don't want to miss a thing!


I'm one of your lurkers. I also use Google Reader. I sure wouldn't want to miss anything would I? Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes.


Dont you love Google Reader?? My favourite time waster :)

Good luck with the giveaway!


I've been your #1 fan since day one, even have you bookmarked in my tabs! I love hearing and seeing what's going on in your life, and visually pleasing to look at all your great photos! (prize #2)


you have been on my google reader from day 1:). love ya:)

Ellen Y

I love to read your blog KT to see what you are up to. you are a very kind and generous peron~
I like to leave a comment when I see something I like cause it's just a nice thing to do!
I'm going to add you to my google reader too! thanks for a chance to win!!

April W

I'm here! I have alot of blogs that I really love to read each day (yours is one!) but I don't always have alot of time to leave comments and say hi. So...HI!! :)
- April W

April W

Oh and P.S. you're in my google reader! :)
- April W

Stacy P

Guilty of being a lurker! I love your blog & your willingness to share your family with us - thank you. I am trying to be a better photographer & simply LOVE the photos you take & you have such willing subjects. Am also a scrapper & mom & love giveaways!
Thanks again from the other side of our wonderful country! :o)

Mary Jo

I'll admit to being a lurker.
I found you I think through American Crafts because I loved your scrapping style :)
I just don't always feel comfortable commenting on blogs when I don't really *know* a person.
But I do like to read your blog for photography info, too!

Juanna Sia

thank you for the chance to win these awesome goodies! (:


Love a great away, I so need to learn how to use my camera better!
I'm always excited when a new post of yours comes up on my blog list!

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