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February 16, 2011



You have a real nack for this. I haven't seen any of these award shows and now I feel "caught up"! Have a great day.


I totally agree with all of your choices here ... Selena Gomez stood out for me as well .... she looked so classy & pretty!
I hadn't seen Kelly Osbourne's dress, but I agree ... it is cute one her :)
And I love Mila Kunis's dress ... PRETTY :)
Yes, I do watch for the fashion, but I also (depending on the awards show) enjoy watching the show too :)
And as far a fave ... I have lots ... maybe i will try to narrow it down for you :)

Lee Currie

Many years ago, in a land far away, I was on the other side of the fashion biz - I was a hanger, er, model. I used to love getting the NYTimes Magazine when the new collections came out. Now I'm thrilled to sit and watch the shows with my kids - even the boys have great observations. I hadn't seen KO either and it's a cute dress and I'd kill for her legs! Great choices!


I agree with your review 100%. The only thing I enjoyed about the Grammy's the other night was the dresses, some I loved, others, well can't say anything nice :) Florence ?? the red head that wore the gown with the swans was a total disaster


Thanks for the review Kathy, saves me lots of time watching the red carpet and I don't have to sit through the boring celebrity interviews;) ...I so agree with your choices. I agree with Teresa about Florence's dress, just seemed wrong for her colouring and "what the heck" Rhianna? She's kinda cute but not in that sort of dress.

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