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August 07, 2010



Great pictures of your girls - they are gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your cold and ear infection. You're totally right - it is just plain wrong to have them in the summer!

So....guess where I am going in October? :)


Summer colds are nasty, hope you can get rid of it quickly!
1) Noticed your name missing from AC understand your decision, but hope we still see Thickers appearing on your blog:); (2 and 3) No scary movies or sharks for me (4) Happy birthday to your dh (5) No complaints about your pictures sizes, but bigger is always better:) (6) PB&J my fave, will have to try those bars (7) Cloudy beach days make great pictures, what a pretty young lady 8) How lucky those 2 are to have such a great friendship.


Okay, where to start :)
I'll start with American Crafts ... I do have to say that I am very sad to not see you on the DT, but I am happy this is your choice & that that choice makes you happy, but, back to me :) hehe I really will miss seeing your AC DT work ... you seriously can show their product like nobody's business & I will really, truly miss that. I fall in love with every single one of your LOs & your fabulously 'tricky' simple style .... how you can make it 'look' so easy & perfect I will never know, but you do.
And maybe we will see guest appearances from you on their blog?!?!
Okay I am starting to feel like this will be long ... are you comfy :) haha
And your blog, I am happy the way it is, I always love your photos, but if you decide to go bigger, maybe I could love them even more :) hehe
And those girls ... so lucky to have each other & those photos capturing their fun-loving relationship ~ truly perfect :)
They are beautiful girls :)
to be continued... haha
kidding ... sorry this is long, just relaxing after a long day/week of work :)
Thanks for the read :)


definitely go 2 columns with your blog. I use blogger and have 2 columns and I can get my pics a reasonably large size, bearing in mind those with slower Internet speeds and different aspect ratio screens. (food for thought).
And I have shark dived (in a cage) a totally awesome and humbling experience. if ever you get to down under, I go out with you and do it again. So very worth it.



Sorry to hear that your days on the ACDT are done... I loved your work with their products. :)
And your beach photos are fabulous. I've had the chance to take a few while we're out on the east coast visiting with my parents. I love the quality of the light when the boys are by the water. I love the feel of sand between my toes. I love the feel of the salty air. Other than family, the ocean is the thing I miss most when I'm in Ontario.

(PS Thanks for the kind words on my blog. You're very sweet. :))

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