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August 11, 2010



Wow I just saw this after finally getting caught up on my google reader. Those books are stunning. I actually saw another book a friend of mine had done for her brother and thought they were awesome. Well... I would have to choose the imagewrap book and of course it would be filled with all the awesome shots you have taken of Mclaren and of course one of the ones from the NICU would have to grace the cover. Congrats on them offering this to one of your readers. Also the girls are some lucky to have this keepsake.


I think the softcover book would be super for a family reunion. I "liked" them on FB. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

Lee Currie

FANTASTIC giveaway, Kathy! I'm thrilled to have found through you a CANADIAN company to support. Whoot! I really like their Pro Series of books. I could do school books for my kids using the CZ templates and have them printed - colour coding for the kids. Yep. That's a good plan :)

Lee Currie

And, I just "liked" them on Facebook :)

Heather M.

Oh man, how cool is that?!

I just LOVE the imagewrap hardcovers! I would totally do a 365 Photo-a-day book.

Heather M.

I "liked" them on FB too. :)

Christine Campbell

Well, you know I'm all over this one!! I liked them on FB. :) I would do a book about Black River...where I grew up (it has a FB page of it's own too) - gather up the photos I've taken and the ones that my aunt, cousins and grandmother etc. have accumulated and put them together with the stories that accompany them in the image wrap hardcover version. It would be an awesome keepsake to pass down through the family.


Hi Kathy

I thought these were great and then was at PK's yesterday and actually saw it! You did an amazing job and I must say I immediately thought "What a great gift for my Dad for Christmas". Every year I try to do something that includes pictures of him and Mom. It's something he looks for at Christmas time. I have gone in and looked at their site and I would do a Debossed Hardcover Book in Black and White. I would put their black and white wedding photo on the cover and I have tons of black and white pictures from when they were dating and right up to when we kids entered the picture. I could then with photo editing software "black and white" the pictures from that point forward and complete the book. Thanks for the great idea!


Oh..so many to choose from! I would have a hard time selecting, but would start with an archive book or specialty book!

Keep up the great work KT!


Did the Twitter and Facebook thing too (and they offer discounts!)

Karyn Roy

Thanks for the opportunity Kathy - I am waiting for PK to bring hers into work for all of us to see as it looks amazing. I'm an avid scrapbooker and need to get back into it - this may just be the thing to jumpstart me again. The Imagewrap Hardcover would be great for a horse themed album - I'm going to get PK to come take some shots for me.

Amber Scurlock

I'd create an 11x11 wedding album photo book...it seems like I can't ever get ALL of my wedding photos scrapped!


PhotoBook Canada is such a great site. Can't wait to spend more time to go through it and look at all the different styles. I would love to make myself one so that everyone that comes into my home will be able to look through it. I would make the image wrap hardcover one with a picture of my family on it. I see they have a promotion right now until August 31st for 45% off. I can't wait for Penny to bring hers into work so that we can see the finished product. Thanks


Also, became a fan of PhotoBook Canada on Facebook too.

Sabrina L

I went and checked out Photobook right after you posted about it the first time. The Pro Series is absolutely beautiful. I would love to photograph all of my scrapbook pages and get these books made so that each of my kids could have copies...sigh...I can dream!


Hi Kathy - I like the Image Wrapped Hardcover...my daughter is 5 going into Grade 1 and I have taken digital photos of all her artwork in homecare and school - and some of her creating it. Thats the type of book I would put them all into - as a keepsake!
Checked them out on facebook site too - seems like great customer service!
Thanks Kathy - love your site! My brother lives in Riverview and Im in Ontario - so seeing your posts reminds me of him and his family!

April W

What an amazing giveaway!! I would definitely do a daddy book for my hubby, filled with pictures of his sweet girls. Thanks so much for the chance to win!
- April W

stephanie schan

Wow! awesome.....I would make a imagewrap hardcover book of our upcoming trip to AZ. I also became a fan on facebook!


Awesome Kathy!!! not sure I could pick a particular book, like the soft cover idea for something different. Would love to do one of my girls or a grandchildren one for my parents.

I have joined them on Facebook and am following them on Twitter. Thanks for introducing this company to me!!

Lorraine M.

I'd love to do a photobook of my grandsons. The ImageWrap books are fabulous. That would be my choice.

I "liked" them on Facebook, too!

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