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April 15, 2009



Hi Kathy, I came accross your site from Stephanie Hart. I'm not a scrapper but I do take a ton of pictures and Stephanie pointed me in your direction thinking that if I ever WAS to scrap that I'd love to do something along the lines that you do. She was right, I love your work.

My husband generally tries to stay away from Dairy for digestive reasons. Sobey's makes a good Goat Mozzarella that can be used in any recipe that requires cheese. Also, I think Fleishman's makes a margarine that is dairy free. Those two things might help with your everyday recipes.

Christina Taylor

I have a 4 yr old with food allergies to cow's milk, eggs and nuts. We use goat's milk for himfor drinking; but rice milk, almond milk, and soy milk all work well for baking. Shortening (in a stick) subs well for butter. We use Chavre goat cheese (like a cream cheese) that is falvored with garlic and herbs- great on cheese sandwiches. Hope these help!

Heather M.

It's always more challenging to cook for someone with a dietary restriction. I use this website a lot:


Yes, her recipes are gluten-free but most are also dairy free as well so you might find some good ideas there. So far every recipe I've tried has been really good.


Hi Kathy,

I am very allergic (and lactose intolerant) to milk and milk products. Be sure to check any ingredients that includes casein (caseinate), modified milk ingredients (any ingredient beginning with "lactos" "lactace" etc. You would be surprised how much of that is in foods you would not expect it to be included in the ingredients.

I generally use rice milk for baking and cereal...rice dream is my fave. I also use soy too. I just use my regular recipes, but simply substitute the milk with an alternative. Not sure if this helps, but there is a lot of information out there.



Have you tried cooking with lactaid or lactose free milk? We are moderately lactose intolerant here and find that if I substitute natural yogurt for milk, it doesn't cause problems. Also the health food aisle in Superstore/Loblaws seems to be filled with special dietary restrictions...and works wonderfully when you are in a pinch!

Hope Scrapfest was loads of fun!

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